What does it cost?

Nov 30, 2017

When it comes to marketing and design services, the cost is different from the price. The price is often negotiable, and rarely based on the service itself (which is why it varies so much from one practitioner to the next). The price is immaterial.

But the cost is a different figure. There’s the cost of your time. How much time will you spend working with the marketer on getting your efforts up and running? How much time every week will you spend maintaining your marketing efforts after launch?

And what’s the cost of not marketing yourself? How much would you lose if you didn’t spend the money? How many opportunities would you miss if you didn’t invest your marketing?

What’s the cost of cut corners? What’s the cost of doing something poorly in an effort to get it done quickly and affordable?

And finally, what’s the cost of doing business with somebody you don’t really like?

These are the costs we don’t talk about enough.

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