Setting goals for your website redesign

Posted July 6, 2022

Wireframe sketches on an iPad

Before you begin that ambitious new website project in your organization, you have to know: what’s the problem you’re trying to solve? Your website might be old and look out of date, but that’s rarely the problem. If your website looks out of date, that will create other problems. Maybe you’re losing customers to the competition. Maybe your online purchases are drifting downwards in tandem with your website’s appearance growing more anemic. Maybe your customer journey is confusing, and you have ambitious new products coming soon that require a website re-think.

If you can figure out the problem, you can figure out your goal. Setting a goal for your website is like setting a goal for your diet: like your diet, you want to accomplish X Feat (losing twenty pounds) in Y Amount of Time (six months). One goal I hear all the time: clients often want to design a new website that doubles their visitors over the next twelve months. (Often, a good SEO approach can accomplish that goal in a fraction of the time.) Another example: you might want to create a series of enhanced landing pages that triple your sales during new product launches.

Once you figure out your website’s goal, a good web designer can help you get there. (And if you need a good web designer, I’d love to help.)

Setting a good, trackable goal is the first guidepost on the way to success.

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