Ten years of Wildfire Studios

Posted August 21, 2023

August 21st marks the tenth anniversary of Wildfire Studios.

Over the past ten years, Wildfire Studios has taken many shapes and forms. I started freelancing just before my final year of university. First, I was writing television commercials, and shortly after, writing about iOS, macOS, and web design for any number of publications around the world. Over time, Wildfire Studios morphed from copywriting, to photography, to advertising and print design, to web design and development.

Today, my studio is focused on digital design and front-end web development. For a more personal retrospective, I wrote a post on my personal blog, but to summarize: For me, Wildfire Studios has never been just” one thing. My studio has always felt like a canvas of infinite possibilities.

Since 2020, the work has been focused on huge apps, websites, and design systems for clients and startups located all over the United States (much of which I am currently unable to share in detail). In Canada, I continue to focus largely on nonprofit work (like the new Donations site and evangelism site for EHC, the first two sites in a multi-year, five-part effort for their work.) I’m fortunate enough to be involved at a strategy level, sitting at the same table as executives to discuss pricing models, marketing strategies, and the opportunities for design to make an impact.

If you told me this is the work I would have been doing ten years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. I feel extraordinarily blessed to be a part of all this today. Ten years ago, it would have seemed so unlikely as to be impossible.

Here’s to many more years of infinite possibilities.

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