Upcoming Panel Discussion at First Annual Pride in Business Trade Show

Jun 13, 2018

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m speaking on a panel about Promotion through Digital and Traditional Media. The panel is at the first annual “Pride in Business” Business Forum and Trade Show on June 21st.

I’ll be joined by Patrick McCauly of Point Man News Creation, Janine Harris of Keyring Media, and Dan Snow of Snow Social.

If you’re in the downtown Toronto area on June 21st, I’d be honoured if you’d join me for the discussion at the Berkeley Bicycle Club. You can get free tickets for the panel on Eventbrite.

Be Different

Feb 8, 2018

Influencing change can take decades, and people always push back against it. But sometimes the change becomes the new norm.


Feb 1, 2018

How do you become more transparent and honest online, where it’s so hard to hide behind platitudes and avatars?

Two Questions

Jan 5, 2018

There are only two questions people have about your business — and neither of them put your brand at the center.


Jan 4, 2018

I recently returned from two weeks away, in a different continent, with Airplane Mode on the majority of the time. When I opened my inbox yesterday, I felt slight horror — and fascination. I unsubscribed from almost all of it.

What does it cost?

Nov 30, 2017

When it comes to marketing and design services, the cost is different from the price. The price is immaterial. The cost is so much more.

Quality and Quantity

Nov 24, 2017

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about quantity and quality. “Quality is better than quantity,” they always say. But is that true in practice? Are the perfectionists really doing better work than the people who launch things frequently?

Why are you shouting?

Nov 9, 2017

In “the olden days,” we used to make a lot of ads, put them on television and billboards, buy newspaper space, and get our message out to as many people as possible. Now, we have alternatives.