Attention Is More Valuable than Money

Sep 21, 2017

One of my favourite sayings: “There’s always more money where money comes from.” Money may be finite, but they keep making more of it. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

But attention is a different beast altogether. Attention requires time, and time is precious.

Getting somebody’s attention is the first step to getting their business. It’s also the hardest step. When somebody comes to me and asks me to help them with their website, their pain point is rarely their website. Usually, they want a new way to broaden their audience. And broadening an audience requires getting people’s attention.

That’s why I start every project with a communication strategy. Who is this website, brand, or product for? How will it communicate that to its customers? How will people hear about it?

How do we get somebody’s attention? Once we have it, how do we keep it?

You might have noticed that you get a lot more newsletters in your inbox than you used to. Here is why: newsletters are an easy and inexpensive way to get and maintain attention.

I write a newsletter. You ask me to send it to your inbox. (This is important: you want the newsletter. Compared to traditional advertising, which you don’t opt in to, this is a huge deal.) Barring a technical problem, you always get the newsletter. You read it, probably frequently (you’re reading it now, after all). I have your attention, and my message’s not lost in a Facebook timeline or an Instagram feed. I’m not competing on that level anymore.

Unless you sell products on your website, you probably don’t make money from your website. But websites can earn attention. And in the long run, attention is more valuable.

But how do you get attention? How do you engender it? How do you turn that attention into trust?

More on that next time.

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