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Making money is easy. I can just go work in a pub. But actually maintaining something that is culturally relevant and continues to be so, is a challenge every day.

Alex Bec

An image from the Unsplash book

The new Unsplash book, available on Kickstarter, looks amazing.

Such wisdom in this video. We should work the way we play.

People go on about how hard it is so start a business, when in fact it’s not hard to start a business. Anyone can do it. What’s hard is staying in business.

Jason Fried, Offscreen Magazine, Issue 12

Adopting a service mind-set guarantees some measure of success.

Arthur C. Brooks

We spend a lot of time in The Swamp, and I still haven’t discovered a way to circumvent it. During this part of the development process I usually feel awful and I doubt my work. Everything is a total, hideous mess and the end of the project is impossible to see. The only way to proceed is to just go to work every day and move the project forward bit by bit, until one day, you suddenly look back and realise that you left The Swamp behind you.

Kris Piotrowski