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Boutique design. Effective strategy.

You’ve got a great business, product, or brand, but you need a website or identity that communicates your vision to the right audience. I specialize in strategies and designs that bring stories like yours to life.

Hi! I’m Nathan Snelgrove, a freelance designer and brand strategist, and Wildfire Studios is what I call my office. I help brands and products tell compelling stories that grow their audiences.

Clients come to me when they need more than just a website and a spiffy logo — although that often is part of the package. When a client works with me, they get design thinking that radically impacts their entire organization and creates profound change.

Secret Sauce

Compelling stories.

I’m going to tell you a secret. It’s an obvious secret, but it’s also how my work helped an author sell 2,400 copies of her book before it launched, helped a B2B company convert their first online lead, made an accounting firm look cool, and drove up month-over-month visitors to a music website by 900%. The secret is simple: tell great stories.

A lot of designers can make things look good, but that’s only half the battle. The other half — sometimes, the more important half — is telling a good story. A good story attracts the right audience and the best customers.

In another life, I wrote television commercials and award-winning plays. Stories are the heartbeat of my work. The story comes first, always. The story is the strategy.

Beautiful designs.

But you and I both know that a good story isn’t everything. People judge books by their cover. Presentation is a deal-breaker. That’s why good design is so important.

If your story communicates your vision, good design articulates it and clarifies it. It’s not just decoration: Good design is the emotional punchline of a compelling story.

This is about more than your logo or your website. If a logo and a website made money by themselves, you wouldn’t need a tailored solution. This is about the whole experience of your brand. Great brands are designed from start to finish. My holistic approach to design often re-focuses or pivots the brands I work with.

You can have the best story in the world, but without design to articulate it, nobody will notice. Similarly, you could have the most beautiful website ever made, but if you’re not telling the right story, your audience — your people — will never find you. But if you tell the right story and create the right experience, your whole life might change.

If you’re ready to share your story and find your people, I’m ready to work with you. Email me or fill out my consultation form so we can chat!

And if you’re not ready yet, fear not! I write a monthly newsletter called Wildfire Discoveries that you’ll love. It’s focused on great storytelling lessons and inspiration from around the world. I share everything I learn with my mailing list. Join me on my journey today!

Current Projects

  • A new brand identity and website for Risolv IT Solutions, an IT company in Guelph.
  • The first website for a new Canadian charity. They provide medical and dental care (along with education and training) in areas where people need it most.

Past Clients

  • The New Quarterly
  • ProMinent Fluid Controls
  • Kelsey’s
  • Limelight Productions
  • Dewart Gleason
  • CBI (Crossroad Bible Institue) Canada
  • BIC (Brethren In Christ)
  • Christa Hesselink
  • And many more…
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