Meet the Jesus Collective, a new network of churches and church leaders

Their distinctive new website is fun to read, easy to update, and built to meet their needs for years to come.

Welcome to the movement

Jesus Collective is a new evangelical organization focused on resourcing, training, and uniting a network of Jesus-centred churches and church leaders. They already had a website design, but they needed somebody to execute — and there were only a few weeks to get it done. I built a website that’s fast, easy to update, and flexible enough to stay relevant regardless of the direction they go in the future.

How I helped:


Design by:

Multiple screenshots from the Jesus Collective website

Jesus Collective’s CMS allows simple pages, complex pages, and anything in between to be created with ease.

A robust page editor

The new Jesus Collective website is built on a robust, unique site builder. The page editor is built specifically for their needs, and allows simple pages (like their Events page) and complex pages (like their Get Involved page) to be built with ease. It’s easy for the site editors to create complex layouts in just a couple clicks. If they need to, they can even select different layout styles for each component. All without touching a single line of code.

Dynamic images and animations

Jesus Collective’s website is rich with parallax images, knockout text, animated sections, and so much more. The code loads images and other assets dynamically, and only as needed — so the site only loads the resources it needs to, and nothing more. This keeps the site fast everywhere — even for global visitors in remote locations with weak mobile connections.

The website is responsive, and automatically scales from the smallest phones to the largest desktops with ease.

Being a product designer, I’ve worked with many developers of the years, and I’d have to say that Nathan is one of best. He translated my designs to code with absolute tedious precision — something I’ve discovered is hard to find. He was also very prompt with his communication, often weighing in on the design using his areas of expertise, giving us a more cohesive end product. I sincerely hope Nathan and I can tag team another project in the future.”

Phil Goodwin Director of Product Design, Fivebox

The website has a rich media page that includes blog posts, videos, podcasts, and a featured media carousel for everything else.

Jesus Collective's media page on a phone
The main media page can include featured blog posts, podcasts, videos, and multimedia content.
A downloadable podcast on the Jesus Collective website
Podcasts can be streamed and downloaded directly from the Jesus Collective site, and are imported automatically from their off-site RSS feed to reduce the need for duplicate entry.
Youtube videos embedded in a carousel on the Jesus Collective website
Jesus Collective can easily feature their favourite videos from their Youtube channel in an interactive carousel. Each Youtube video is cached and lazyloaded in the background, which helps the page load fast (even if the carousel includes dozens of videos).
A blog post on the Jesus Collective site
Blog posts are easy to add and update, and feature their own robust editor. The team can easily add images, videos, and blockquotes (with Bible verse citations) to each post.
A featured podcast on the Jesus Collective website
Thanks to the site’s content editor, podcasts and events can be featured anywhere on the site. This podcast was featured on the home page, where a cover image was dynamically inserted to make it more visual.
The featured media carousel on the Jesus Collective website
If there’s ever a video or image that Jesus Collective can’t fit anywhere else — like a stream of images from an event, or their introductory launch video — they can include it in a one-off carousel on their Media page.

Our team provided Nathan with an incomplete design, a nearly unrealistic deadline, and many pending questions. Yet, Nathan delivered the entire project on time, on budget, with no stress, and he set up the entire website on the most user friendly platform we’ve ever used. We’re thrilled with the work Nathan did and are looking forward to starting a new project with him later this year.”

Lucas Belem Communications Project Manager, Jesus Collective / The Meeting House
Multiple screenshots from the Jesus Collective website on floating iPhones and iPads

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