Photos from Wycliffe's Children's Ministry Conference

Posted November 20, 2019

Light pours through stained-glass windows in a large chapel as a man leads a large congregation in worship

In November, Wycliffe College hosted the 2019 Children’s Ministry Conference at Tyndale College. The Children’s Ministry Conference is an opportunity for Christian ministers and pastors all over North American to congregate, attend courses and lectures, and learn more about how to best teach kids — as well as share what they’ve learned with another. I was thrilled to take photos for Wycliffe at this event.

A woman teaches in a classrom
A teacher walks down the row of his classroom
A woman with the spotlight on her teaches in a dimly lit chapel
A woman leads a classroom in an illustration. They all sit in a circle around her on the floor as the lays out building blocks.
A woman lifts her hands up at a pulpit. The screen behind her displays a Venn diagram.
A man leads a congregation in worship meant for children
Light pours through stained glass windows in a chapel during mid-day

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