New Client Website: Advance Physiotherapy Clinic

Posted December 14, 2019

The About page of the Advance Physio website on a tablet

Advance Physiotherapy Clinic is a therapist-owned physio clinic that treats their patients like family and works on really tough cases. Many of their patients struggle with mobility or suffer from neurological damage. As leaders in the field, they wanted a website that reflected both their compassion and their authority. That website is now live.

Because Advance Physiotherapy’s clientele often struggle with mobility, the website was designed and developed with accessibility in mind. It was also designed for speed. Images automatically crop themselves, change their resolutions, and adjust their aspect ratios and layout when the browser size changes. All this happens while the website maintains nearly perfect Google PageSpeed Insight scores.

The home page of Advance Physio on a phone
The About page of Advance Physiotherapy Clinic on a phone
The staff page of Advance Physiotherapy Clinic on a laptop.

The website also features fresh headshots and interior shots of the clinic. These photos give a sense of warmth to the clinic that stock photography could not capture. Almost all the images on the Advance Physiotherapy Clinic website are newly-taken photos specifically for the website.

Advance Physiotherapy’s new website is also built with the same tools and recommendations used by the SEO experts at moz​.com. While it may be a small site, a tremendous amount of thought and care was put in making sure that Advance Physiotherapy Clinic was ready for the future. Explore the Advance Physiotherapy Clinic website.

One of the staff at the clinic guides a patient thorugh treatment.
A headshot of one of the staff of Advance Physio
A headshot of one of the staff at Advance Physio
A headshot of one of the staff at Advance Physio
A man rides an exercise bike at Advance Physiotherapy Clinic

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