New Case Study: Crossroads Prison Ministries Website

Posted April 8, 2020

Crossroads Prison Ministries' blog on an iPad

Crossroads Prison Ministries Canada hired me to design and develop a website that would meet the needs of a growing, modern non-profit. From the case study:

Crossroads offers a series of Bible-based correspondence courses for people in prison across Canada. They have a large group of trained volunteers who mark each course and respond to each lesson. The website had to be designed with the needs of these volunteers in mind. To that end, the website houses resource hubs for both chaplains and mentors. 

Crossroads also partners with chaplains and other non-profits working in prisons all over Canada. The website had to help inform those organizations and attract them to Crossroads Canada, as well as attract new mentors and donors to the ministry. I designed and developed a series of marketing tools, including easy ways to learn more about Crossroads’ impact, read stories from students and mentors, and explore and preview the curriculum. 

Finally, the website needed a way to accept donations. I designed a complete e‑commerce solution. It allows donors to give one-time or monthly gifts. It also allows them to browse a catalogue and financially support specific needs, so they know exactly where their money is going.

The case study is filled with screenshots and more details about this work, and if you like, you can explore the Crossroads website.

A series of screenshots from the Crossroads website laid out in a grid

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