Introducing the New Plug In BC Website

Posted September 11, 2020

The Plug In BC website on a mobile phone

I’m excited to unveil the new website for Plug In BC, a program from the Fraser Bin Council in beautiful British Columbia. Plug In BC is a hub of information and incentive programs for consumers and business fleets who are transitioning to electric vehicles.

The responsive, mobile-friendly website provides a wealth of resources and information for both the committed and the curious.

Plug In BC's blog
Plug In BC's Media Assets page

The website was designed by the folks at Flipside Creative, who did an exceptional job (as they always do). Once I had the design, the turnaround time was tight, with barely a month to build out the Wordpress site from scratch. I developed the website with a custom, hand-crafted Wordpress theme made specifically for the folks at Plug In BC

Rather than use Wordpress’ default page editor, the new Plug In BC website includes its own custom-built editor. The custom editor allows more flexibility than Wordpress itself, and reduces the likelihood that site editors accidentally break something on the website.

From a development perspective, this Wordpress site is structured almost like a React project, which should make future development easy — all the build files are exactly where one would expect them to be. Building the site this way helped me organize files and move quickly, enabling me to meet the tight deadline and make all the necessary client revisions in no time.

Please enjoy the Plug In BC website.

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