New Project: Working for Haiti

Posted October 26, 2016

Designers are fond of saying that we’re changing the world, or making it a better place, but it’s rare when that’s truly the case. For me, this project has been one of those rare times.

I’ve been working with Everyday Miracles International now for many months to get this underway. They approached me over a year ago about the project, but they didn’t have charitable status from the Canadian government yet.

Everything came to a head in the most month and a half: not only did EMI receive their charitable status, but the recent events in Haiti also pushed us to get this project live as soon as possible.

EMI is a Canadian charity that puts clinics together in underserved regions of the world to offer healthcare, dental care, and healthcare education. They work out of local clinics and help train staff, as well as educate them, and provide immediate medical care. In the capital of Haiti, they serve 70,000 people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to healthcare at all. They’re also sending their first team to Guatemala this fall to tour underserved areas in that country — hugely exciting!

Their board is amazing too. The members have all been involved with huge charities and non-profits like World Vision and Speroway, so they’re loaded with experience. It was humbling to work with them on the ground floor of this project.

So it’s with great pleasure that I present the website and branding for EMI. I plan on writing a separate case study for them shortly, but in the mean time, I’d encourage you to donate to their cause or consider volunteering if this sort of project interests you. They could use help from all of us — even a small donation would make a big difference.

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