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Posted April 14, 2014

Throughout the year, I’ve been doing some freelance writing for a couple fantastic websites. The first one is Postach​.io, which is a blog service that allows you to use your Evernote account as a blogging tool. You do all your blogging in Evernote, and tag an article as Published” when it’s ready to go. Very convenient service.

The second site I’ve been writing for is QuoteRobot, which offers a service for designers and developers who need to send out great quotes and invoices as quickly as possible. I’m admittedly only starting to get into the service, but I’m really excited about the possibilities with it. It looks great and much easier than the process I currently have, which involves a lot of word processing and calculator apps on my iPhone.

The folks that run both services are really cool and very easy to do business with, so I can vouch for them as people and would personally recommend either platform if they match your needs.

All plugs aside, I wanted to quickly share some of the writing I’ve been doing for the services this year. I’m really proud of these articles. QuoteRobot and Postach​.io have both let me spread my wings and write what I’d like to write about. It’s been a privilege and honour to write for them. I find writing for other people to be highly motivational; I’m less likely to update my own blog now, and it’s lovely to see such positive reaction from them about the work I’m doing.

Here are some of the articles I’ve shared on these blogs recently:

The work for these teams is not done, and I’m scheduled for at least a couple posts a month for each site. I’m really excited about the possibilities and grateful to both teams for lending me their lovely platforms. I hope you like the articles.

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