Year 2019
Project Description

Risolv IT Solutions was incorporated for ten years when they first got in touch with me. I’d known the owner and some of the folks at the business for a few years, and in the time I’d known them, they’d become one of the powerhouse IT teams in the region.

After ten years, though, Risolv was starting to consider their future. They wanted to measure the pulse of their business. It was a dream to have free reign to explore and consider what Risolv might look like if they were starting from scratch.

Digging deep
Taking the pulse of an organization

The first thing I did was set up a variety of phone calls and interviews with as many people as I could at Risolv’s office. A variety of full time, part time, and interning staff meant that it was hard for Risolv to know how everybody felt about the business.

So I created a series of interviews. I ran surveys, called people for clarification, and sent around a myriad of emails. I even engaged with a couple of Risolv’s customers to ask about their experience with the company.

A group photo of the Risolv staff
A picture of about half of the Risolv team taken shortly before I came into the picture.

When the whole thing was said and done, I had almost twenty different detailed interviews about who Risolv was, where they had been, and where they were going.

A fresh look
A logo that reflects Risolv’s identity

When we went over the data together, the first thing we came away with is that most people’s impressions of Risolv were different from their pitch. Most people thought of Risolv as a direct influence on their productivity. Their value didn’t come from IT itself — it came from making other people more productive.

That conversation was a turning point. The original Risolv logo was focused on making IT approachable, but that assumed people wanted to work with Risolv for technology’s sake. Risolv’s new logo brand identity would emphasize their focus on productivity.

The new logo allowed Risolv a little more flexibility to expand in the future. Should the need arise, they could build full-fledged productivity apps. They could easily abandon the “IT Solutions” part of the name and logo if it ever became a burden. And the check mark could, one day, feasibly be recognizable as Risolv on its own.

Nathan has a great ability to distill complex ideas down to their essence. We are now able to easily communicate who we are and what we do to as broad a base as possible.

Gordon Skinner, Founder of Risolv IT Solutions

A distinctive website
A website that matches the new branding

The website was an even larger upgrade for Risolv. After using Wix for many years, they wanted a website that could get them better SEO results and something that was a little more flexible for their needs.

I designed a completely custom WordPress solution that took all of their desires into account, with multiple templates and tons of layout options for them to tweak their website and get it the way they wanted.

The website’s design was the result of the same feedback I got during my initial round of interviews. And although the site looks good, its visuals were secondary to the needs of the business. The website includes customizable calls to action, a blog, and the ability to add case studies and services — and link them together as needed. The site is more complex than it looks, but it’s completely seamless to the end user.

In fact, the extendability of WordPress has allowed Risolv the opportunity to experiment over time. Since we launched, Risolv has continued to try new things with their website using the flexibility of WordPress’ plugin architecture. Their base theme is flexible enough that nothing crashes and burns, even if they experiment with drastic changes.

No website is future-proof, but Risolv’s website — designed with them in mind — is the perfect marriage of branding and marketing.

The mobile and desktop versions of Risolv's new website, side by side

The takeaway
You need to tell the right story

Sometimes, a fresh approach to your brand is the right way to go. With their new logo and website, Risolv’s story is different than it was before — and the tools they use to tell their story have changed.

Their website is more stable than it used to be, and both the website and their new brand identity more realistically capture what Risolv is. They’re happy — and I am too.

In the past we’ve worked with all sorts of individuals, some excellent at design, some excellent at coding. Most individuals were only really good that that one aspect they specialized in. Nathan is good at both. He also possesses a good business mind, and his ability to grasp the business need rather than getting lost in the technical or visual aspects of the project was refreshing. I believe it is a combination that many individuals in this field lack.

Jonathan Agosta, Operations Manager, Risolv IT Solutions