A step-by-step guide for sharing content between multiple blogs

Jul 18, 2018

I have multiple websites. This website hosts my portfolio and design blog, but I also have a personal website. Because I don’t know what content should be shared on which site, I don’t update either of them often enough.

Although having a website for each project in our lives sounds logical, it makes planning content for those sites difficult. There’s a lot of crossover between the topics I’m personally interested in and the topics I write about here.

After all, I’m a designer who runs a design business. It’s no surprise that I like thinking and writing about design. But it begs the question: if my personal interests are related to my work interests, and I have a site for each of them, how do I decide what to post where?

I’ve spent the past few months carefully considering a content strategy, and have come to some fairly obvious conclusions. Here’s my simple guide to writing content for multiple websites.

  1. Write whatever you want to write. Make sure what you are writing is worthwhile. Make it good, and keep it lean.
  2. Identify your best site for this content. As an example: if you have a personal blog and you run a musical instrument store, your music store’s blog is probably the best place to share your post about Gibson’s recent bankruptcy filing.
  3. If you do not have a place for this content, share it on the lowest common denominator. Your lowest common denominator is the place that lets you be whoever you want to be. It’s the place where you are freed from business or corporate requirements. For me, that’s my personal blog.

Simple, right? Write the content, figure out what it’s good for after the fact, and put it in the place that’s best for that.